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Our spacious group studio is located in suite 215 on the 2nd floor of The Laird Arcade Building.  All yoga classes are drop-in friendly unless otherwise stated.

The Group Studio Suite 215

10:00 am
12:30 pm
4:00 pm
5:30 pm
6:00 pm

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  1. I haven’t been to any of your sessions yet but I just recently had shoulder surgery and have been telling the therapist about the services you offer there in Tiffin! According to them there is nothing like this except maybe at the YMCA. I told them to check you out on Facebook! Still hoping to make it to restorative sessions as soon as I get done with therapy! Thanks for being there for people!

  2. Thank you Sam! It takes time to build a solid reputation and word of mouth such as yours is priceless. Wishing you healing & comfort. We look forward to being of service to you. ~Namaste

  3. I have spinal stenosis and sciatica. I have good and bad days but more often than not are bad. It has been suggested not only by my physician but also my PT that I start yoga. What class would be good for me to start? I work full time in Tiffin with a very flexible schedule.
    Thank you again,

  4. Hi Kit,
    Thank you for asking. You may be surprised at the number of clients we who come to us with similar concerns.

    I would recommend any of our mixed-level Hatha yoga classes. Both of our Hatha instructors are trained in yoga therapy and use modifications of postures to address each student’s individual needs.
    Our Wednesday evening Yoga Basics class is mixed-level hatha designed specifically for beginners. Several of our participants are addressing similar issues as you.


  5. I have previously taken a few yoga classes, but it’s been several years. Would the Yoga Basics on Wednesday evenings be the best class for me to start with? Are there any other classes that would be best for beginners? And do I just bring my own mat and show up for the class or would I need to register prior?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Jackie,

    The Yoga Basics class is designed for those brand new to yoga and/or those who prefer a class without intermediate to advanced students participating. You can always begin there and move on to mixed-level or any of our other classes when you feel ready. Our mixed-level classes are appropriate for all levels as we offer modifications for each posture to suite wherever you are currently at.

    We have mats or you may bring your own. For the first class, there is a waiver to fill out so it’s helpful to arrive 10 minutes early. No pre-registration necessary. We’d love to have you join us!

  7. Looking to start beginners yoga. I had major back surgery in Nov 2014. Have had burcitius in my left leg. But also can’t get myself to walk straight. My surgeon said I got to do yoga. What class and what time do I take?

  8. Hi Mary Lou!

    I would recommend either Yoga Basics on Wednesdays from 5:30pm – 7pm or Restoratives on Sundays from 6:30pm-8pm.

    Yoga Basics is a gentle active class, meaning we use a slower pace and modifications for each individual as needed. I have a couple of ladies in this class with chronic hip/back issues, so we always keep that in mind.
    Restoratives is a more passive class in which gentle stretches are achieved through deep relaxation with the support of cushions, blankets, and other props. Students remain in each posture for several minutes before being guided into the next.

    Both classes can be very beneficial. You may wish to try each one.

    What was the scope of your back surgery? Is the bursitis localized the hip?

  9. I have high blood pressure and and high stress levels. I did yoga before (a long time ago) and want to start again. How much do classes run and what specifics do I need?

  10. Hi Stephanie.

    The adult drop-in rate is $10 per class. College/student rate is $5.

    I’m happy you’re considering getting back into a practice to address the HBP and stress. Is the HBP currently medicated? What type/style of practice are you drawn to? We have several options and these questions will help me guide you toward the right class.

  11. Never taken a yoga class before but have wanted to try it for years, would the mixed level class be alright to drop into? The three days a week at 10 works well with my schedule. Thanks!

  12. Hi Lynn. Yes, the mixed-level classes are beginner friendly. Everyone works at their own level of experience and comfort. You’ll be guided into each asana (posture) and offered modifications as needed.

    We’d love to have you join us!

  13. We are very much enjoying our classes! I *love* that you don’t have mirrors, btw 🙂

  14. Hello, I am completely new to yoga. I have chronic neck/shoulder/back problems and my doctor suggested yoga to help with pain. Would you recommend starting with the gentle pm stretch on Wednesdays? Can I come any Wednesday or do you have specific times to sign up for sessions? Also, what is the class fee? Thank you!

  15. Good morning Alissa,

    Yes, I believe the Wednesday evening class would be a great place to begin. Please feel free to drop-in for class, no need to pre-register. You will be asked to fill out a brief health history and waiver.
    Your first class will be free. After that, it is $10 per class with the option to purchase a Ten Class Pass for $80.


  16. Morning,I’ve been diagnosed with a mild stroke do to hypertension and stress.Im hoping you have a class in mind that would help me relieve the stress. Always wanted to try yoga but never had the time! Any suggestions? Cherie

  17. Hi Cherie,
    I’m sorry to hear that, but congratulations on taking steps to reduce your stress levels. I have a few suggestions for you.
    Gentle PM Stretch on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. In this class we focus on winding down from the day by moving at a slower pace in synchrony with the breath and utilizing props (wall, chair, foam blocks,etc) to create staibilty and deepen stretches. Several of our students attending are managing chronic pain or recovering from an injury. All are seeking stress relief.

    Meridian Strengthening on Mondays at 4pm combines yoga postures with techniques such as EFT (tapping to open up energy centers), mantra (vocalizations), and polarity (balancing the nervous system).

    Restorative Yoga is a completely passive practice with the focus on achieving deep relaxation through fully supported yoga postures combined with guided imagery. This class is all about stress release. Currently, it is being offered on Sundays at 6:30pm however, beginning in June it becomes a once a month specialty class combined with Reflexology. If you’d like more info, please let me know.

    All of our yoga classes incorporate meditation into the practice. We’d love to have you give us a try!

  18. Thanks, sounds awesome! Any of these classes offered during the day? Cherie

  19. Those particular classes are only offered at the times I’ve listed. Our 10am Mixed Level Hatha classes (Mon, Tues, Sat) are a good option if you don’t mind being in a mixed-level class. Everyone works at their own level and the use of props is often incorporated for modification purposes. The energy the morning class is intended to prepare you for the day ahead both mentally and physically.

    Vinyasa Flow on Fridays at 9am is a shorter class (1hr). It is also friendly to all levels. This class will increase cardio and strength through flowing movements synced with the breath followed by holding postures to build strength. If your hypertension is controlled and you are doctor approved for cardio activity, then this class is a great option.

  20. I would like to take up Tai Chi again. I found the karate studio in the Laird building, that instructor guided me to your business. Are these classes on a drop-in basis, too?

  21. Hi, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and was wondering if there is a class I could attend and it be safe.

  22. Hi Andrea,

    Have you practiced yoga previously?
    Gentle PM Stretch on Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm would be a safe class, even if you are a beginner.

    Women who are pregnant and were practicing yoga on a regular basis prior to pregnancy can safely continue with more active classes as long as there are no medical restrictions in place.

  23. Hi!

    Yes, the Wednesday evening 5:30pm class is in the Laird Building on the second floor.
    The Thursday evening class is held in Attica at Legacy Life Enrichment.

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